It’s been months or more since I last wrote at length, for a few reasons. Since the summer, I’ve found it difficult to turn my attention solely towards writing, as well as other productive ends – which I’ll talk more about in just a moment.

Since the spring I was tied to something from which I’ve now managed to free myself entirely. This was something which I was told would be worthy of my time and effort, but which I’ve since decided was a waste of my time and so was something I needed to be rid of if I was going to be able to fully focus on those things which I feel to be worthier of what little time I secure for myself outside of normal working hours: namely, an elearning course called Digital Privacy Essentials, which I hope to have completed and ready for testing and delivery by next spring/summer.

Digital Privacy Essentials will be:

  • Created using the Adapt authoring tool (GPLv3)
  • Hosted on my Moodle LMS at (not yet live)
  • Mixed-media, including video, activities and additional resources and features
  • Made up of around six modules covering different subtopics of digital privacy
  • Freely available for anyone to use, copy, adapt, modify etc. in line with the same CC licence my website is licenced under
  • Hopefully the first of many similar ‘freelearning’ courses – so I’m more than happy to discuss ideas, collaboration etc.

The issues of privacy and security – our need to stand up and hold accountable those who would seek to take it from us, cheat us of what is fundamentally and rightfully ours – this isn’t going away anytime soon and maybe never will. But neither do I intend to stop discussing and advocating for it, raising awareness and teaching others in the ways I know how.

That’s why I’m working on Digital Privacy Essentials. Elearning is an incredibly effective means of educating people from all over the world with engaging, interactive mixed media. While I’m able to use my knowledge and skills in this domain to bring the urgency of digital rights to others, I must do so.

In the coming weeks I’ll have more updates about this course. Maybe I’ll decide to release parts of it for early testing and feedback. Either way, you’ll hear about it here or somewhere else in the fediverse. Meet me there and let’s chat about how we can work together to prepare others with the knowledge they need to enjoy digital life as freely as possible.