Hack the Box 000: Introduction

This is the first post in a new, ongoing series of walkthroughs. In this Hack the Box (HTB) series, each post will detail my approach to 'pwning' HTB boxes (servers) and capturing their flags, as well as completing other related tasks and challenges. Posts will follow a fairly consistent format and layout: some context, the steps undertaken, and any supplementary screenshots or gifs if these add value.

Honestly, there are plenty of these types of HTB walkthroughs out there already, which is great. I've enjoyed reading some myself. I only intend for my own series to be a record of my own progress. If nothing else, it will be a way for me to track my development over the coming weeks, months and years.

What is HTB?

On Hack the Box, there's something for every hacker, be they a HTB 'noob', 'script kiddie', 'elite hacker', 'guru' or (queue ominous music) an 'omniscient'. Topics range from basic enumeration to brute forcing logins, from password cracking to binary exploitation, from code deobfuscation to steganography. The list goes on. It really is a vast, exciting, challenging and rewarding playground for anyone interested in penetration testing, and infosec more generally.

Each box provides the penetation tester with something new, often introducing them to new tools and techniques, and forcing them to research, enumerate, probe and capitalise on any vulnerabilities they can uncover.

What's next?

In the next post (001) we'll get stuck into the first box: Nibbles.

Happy hacking!